Genflow Biosciences Announces Two Non-Dilutive Research Grant Awards

Genflow Biosciences, an emerging leader in the field of longevity research developing therapeutics that potentially halt or slow the ageing process is pleased to announce two significant new research programs in collaboration with Revatis SA and EXO Biologics, backed by substantial non-diluting and non-reimbursable research grants by the Government of Wallonia in Belgium. Funding for the two research programs, as part of the Wallonia Recovery Plan by the Walloon Government in Belgium, will be disbursed annually to the Company, contingent upon Genflow and its collaborators achieving specific, activity-based milestones. Continued receipt of the grants by Genflow is dependent on the parties meeting predefined criteria each applicable year.

Technological Innovation Partnership (ATMP)

The two research programs are a part of a broader innovation partnership that the Walloon Government has launched, dedicated to Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs). The partnership boasts a substantial budget of 81 million euros, a mix of 60% public funding and 40% private contributions from various companies, spread over three years. This initiative is a collaborative effort involving BioWin, the Health Cluster of Wallonia and the Public Service of Wallonia, representing a significant commitment to advancing medical research and development in the region.

Sarcopenia Research Program with Revatis SA

Genflow, together with Revatis SA, has launched a 3-year sarcopenia research program, generously funded by a grant totalling 1.34 million euros. Sarcopenia, the progressive loss of muscle mass and function associated with ageing, poses a significant health risk and affects the quality of life for millions of elderly people worldwide. This collaborative effort aims to expand and diversify Genflow’s research pipeline, addressing this growing concern as the global population ages. The partnership will leverage both companies’ expertise to develop innovative solutions and contribute valuable insights into the mechanisms of age-related muscle deterioration.

mRNA Delivery Research with EXO Biologics

Genflow and EXO Biologics have initiated a 3-year scientific program, supported by a grant of 1.55 million euros. The project focuses on the development of a novel mRNA delivery system using exosomes to encapsulate and transport Genflow’s proprietary centenarian SIRT6 gene. This cutting-edge approach aims to harness the natural advantages of exosomes, such as enhanced stability, improved cellular uptake, reduced immunogenicity, minimal toxicity, natural cargo sorting and reduced off-target effects, among others. This endeavour not only demonstrates Genflow’s momentum in leading-edge research, but also holds the potential to revolutionize therapeutic interventions for Werner Syndrome, an accelerated ageing condition and holds great promised for a range of other age-related conditions.

Dr. Eric Leire, CEO of Genflow commented: “We are excited to embark on this exciting new research, which aligns with our quest to understand and alleviate the impacts of ageing. Launching both of these programs represents a strategic move to enhance our research capabilities, while contributing to the understanding of age-related conditions. Both of these strategic initiatives will strengthen Genflow’s position at the forefront of ageing-related research, and its mission to improve the health and well-being of older adults.”


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