Glycosylation in extracellular vesicles – isolation, characterization, composition, analysis and clinical applications

Researchers at the Slovak Academy of Sciences provide a comprehensive overview of our understanding of the role that glycans play in the formation, loading and release of extracellular vesicles (EVs). The capture of EVs (typically with a size of 100-200 nm) is described, including approaches based on glycan recognition with glycan-based analysis offering highly sensitive detection of EVs. Furthermore, detailed information is provided about the use of EV glycans and glycan processing enzymes as potential biomarkers, therapeutic targets or tools applied for regenerative medicine. The review also provides a short introduction into advanced methods for the characterization of EVs, new insights into the biomolecular corona covering EVs and bioanalytical tools available for glycan analysis.

Vrablova V, Kosutova N, Blsakova A, Bertokova A, Kasak P, Bertok T, Tkac J. (2023) Glycosylation in extracellular vesicles: Isolation, characterization, composition, analysis and clinical applications. Biotechnol Adv [Epub ahead of print]. [article]

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