HansaBioMed Life Sciences partners with Microgentas with a strategic Commercial Agreement and will jointly participate to the ISEV 2024 in Australia as Gold Sponsors.

In a significant move that promises to reshape the market of extracellular vesicles (EVs) and exosome research, HansaBioMed Life Sciences (HansaBioMed), under the Exosomics umbrella, and Microgentas are excited to announce a strategic Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement. This collaboration is designed to leverage both companies’ strengths to enhance the development and distribution of cutting-edge exosome isolation and miRNA extraction technologies.

HansaBioMed is known for its wide range of products and, more recently, for a new nanoparticle isolation technology based on Tangential Flow Filtration using Hollow Fiber technology, named TFF-EV, and Microgentas stands out for its advanced exosome isolation technologies and its focus on exosome-driven cancer diagnostics. In order to highlight their commitment to fostering innovation in the EV field and to providing the scientific community with more advanced research tools, both companies are proud to announce their Gold co-Sponsorship of the International Society for Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV) 2024 conference, set to be held in Melbourne, Australia, in May. This landmark OEM agreement stands for a scientific and commercial partnership that brings together their manufacturing excellence and their innovative approach to accelerate the availability of advanced, reliable solutions for researchers worldwide, ultimately facilitating groundbreaking discoveries in the field of extracellular vesicle research.

“We are thrilled to partner with Microgentas. Our technologies are highly complementary and this strategic collaboration, represents a major step forward in our mission to support the scientific community by providing high-quality, innovative research tools,” said a Paolo Guazzi the COO of HansaBioMed. “Co-sponsoring the ISEV 2024 conference in Australia, as a demonstration of our joint commitment to advancing the field of extracellular vesicle research, is an honor for us.”

Echoing this sentiment, Sehyun Shin the CEO of Microgentas commented, “This partnership with HansaBioMed is a pivotal development for us, aligning perfectly with our goal to push the boundaries of exosome research. We are equally excited about our co-sponsorship of ISEV 2024, which will serve as a platform for us to engage with the global scientific community and highlight our collaborative efforts.”

About HansaBioMed Life Sciences

Since its establishment in 2010, HansaBioMed Life Sciences has emerged as a dynamic force in the realm of nanovesicle research. Founded in Tallinn, Estonia, HansaBioMed was one of the first established companies world wide with an exclusive focus on exosomes and EVs. Since then HansaBioMed was dedicated to pioneering research and development, manufacturing, and distribution of products tailored for the EV research market, such as purified extracellular vesicles, tools for EV isolation, characterization, EV-omics. More recently, with Lonza and Agilent Technologies in its CAP Table, HBM-LS continues its legacy of innovation, offering an extensive portfolio of products and services designed to advance the field of exosome sciences.

About Microgentas

Microgentas, a leading biotechnology firm headquartered in Seoul, is transforming the exosome research and diagnostic arenas. Concentrating on exosome isolation and microRNA (miRNA) extraction, Microgentas delivers state-of-the-art solutions that span a broad range of life sciences and clinical applications. The company proudly showcases its core technological achievements through its premier products: the ExoCAS™, ExoPAS™, and ExoFilter™ for exosome isolation, and the miRQuick™ kits for extracting exosomal miRNA. These breakthroughs firmly establish Microgentas as a leader in the field, advancing the early detection of breast cancer by uncovering new biomarkers in exosome nucleic acids.

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