Human peripheral blood‑derived exosomes for microRNA delivery

Exosomes serve important functions in cell‑to‑cell communication and biological functions by serving as a delivery cargo shuttle for various molecules. The application of an improved delivery method for microRNAs (miRNAs/miRs) may enhance their potential as a therapeutic tool in cardiac diseases. Researchers from Yonsei University College of Medicine investigated whether human peripheral blood‑derived exosomes may be used as a delivery cargo system for miRNAs, and whether the delivery of miR‑21 using a human peripheral blood derived‑exosome may influence the degree of remodeling following myocardial infarction (MI). In H9C2 and HL‑1 cells, miR‑21 expression was successfully regulated by treatment with human peripheral blood derived‑exosomes loaded with an miR‑21 mimic or inhibitor compared with untreated cells. In addition, the mRNA and protein expression levels of SMAD family member 7 (Smad7), phosphatase and tensin homolog (PTEN) and matrix metalloproteinase 2 (MMP2), which are involved in cardiac fibrosis, were associated with the uptake of miR‑21 mimic‑ or inhibitor‑loaded exosomes. Similarly, the in vivo mRNA and protein expression of Smad7, PTEN and MMP2 were altered following treatment with miR‑21 mimic‑ or inhibitor‑loaded exosomes. Furthermore, miR‑21 mimic‑loaded exosomes enhanced fibrosis, whereas miR‑21 inhibitor‑loaded exosomes reduced fibrosis in a mouse MI model. These results suggested that miRNA‑loaded human peripheral blood derived‑exosomes may be used as a therapeutic tool for cardiac diseases.

Delivery of miR‑21 mimic‑ or inhibitor‑loaded exosomes into cardiac cells


Experimental procedure for miRNA delivery using human peripheral blood‑derived exosomes. Human peripheral blood‑derived exosomes were loaded with miR‑21 mimic or inhibitor and then used for transfection into H9C2 and HL‑1 cells. Subsequent to 24 h treatment, the two cardiac cell lines were exposed to hypoxia for 24 h.

Kang JY, Park H, Kim H, Mun D, Park H, Yun N, Joung B. (2019) Human peripheral blood‑derived exosomes for microRNA delivery. Int J Mol Med [Epub ahead of print]. [abtract]

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