Indian Extracellular Vesicles Society (IEVS): Innovate, Collaborate, Translate: Your Hub for EV Research in India

Incorporated in September 2023 and inaugurated on December 2nd, 2023, the Indian Extracellular Vesicles Society (IEVS) is dedicated to establishing India as a key player in global extracellular vesicle (EV) research. This society brings together top experts and institutions, including Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation, Hyderabad; AIIMS Delhi; ACS Medical College; Chettinad Academy of Research and Education; LV Prasad Eye Institute-Network; CFTRI, Mysore; Jamia Hamdard University; and Urvogelbio, fostering transformative healthcare and scientific advancements through interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation in EV science.

IEVS’s mission is threefold: to advance EV research, thereby enhancing India’s global scientific prominence; to create a collaborative platform for professionals from various disciplines; and to develop the next generation of EV scientists through education and mentorship. The society actively engages students, researchers, academics, and industry experts, offering activities such as webinars, conferences, educational programs, and more. It also provides job opportunities, collaborative projects, and specialised committees.

IEVS collaborates with global entities like the International Extracellular Vesicle Society, significantly contributing to EV research in India and internationally. Membership recruitment is underway, and interested individuals can learn more and join by visiting

Indian Extracellular Vesicles Society

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