Integrated systems for exosome investigation

Extracellular vesicles, including exosomes, are currently being investigated to better understand their biogenesis and biological functions. There is also a rapidly growing interest in utilizing exosomes present in patient biofluids for molecular diagnostics in the clinic. Exosomes are natural shuttles of RNA and protein cargo, making them attractive as potential therapeutic delivery vehicles. Here, researchers at System Biosciences describe the methods for using the latest tools and technologies to study exosomes to better understand their roles in cell-to-cell communication, for discovery of clinical biomarkers and to engineer exosomes for therapeutic applications.

exosome rnaExo-Flow magnetic stand for exosome separation and FACS analysis.

PetersonF, Otoc N, Sethi JK, Gupta A, Antes TJ. (2015) Integrated systems for exosome investigation. Methods [Epub ahead of print]. [abstract]

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