Is COVID-19 virus an Exosome?

Ken Witwer+Jan Lötvall – the extracellular vesicle angle

For this video Jan Lötvall has invited Ken Witwer to discuss the overlap between extracellular vesicles (EV) and virus. Specifically we discuss the way by which enveloped viruses use the host membranes to produce virions (the virus particle). DISCLAIMER: Nothing said in this vlog-podcast should be considered to be final scientific facts, as we primarily introduce hypotheses and thoughts about the topic, even though these are educated. We also have a discussion how EVs could be involved in the disease, and how EVs from different sources could be utilized as therapeutics. Importantly, all of these comments are speculations, and do not convey any recommendation. All therapies to be tested in COVID-19 should undergo proper processes and approvals before being tested in patients.


  1. Hello,

    Could you kindly provide a electron micrograph of both the corona-19 virus and the HIV virus.

    And also with regards to the HIV virus, if possible, what the name is of the primary specialist peer reviewed paper in which the virus is illustrated and its full genetic information described


    What is the name of the primary publication that provides proof that a particular virus is the sole cause of a particular disease

    Pleased to hear, many thanks.

    With best regards,
    Earl H. Lasson

  2. Hey guys,

    Could someone smarter than myself explain to me why the routine methods used to purify and isolate exosomes, and extract their genetic material, is not used for ‘viruses’?

    We know EV’s will be present in sick tissue, as well is in these petri dish cultures they use to “Find” viruses.

    Why are EV’s not mentioned in the viral discovery papers?

    Why can I find a myriad of papers describing the difficulty in separating out exosomes/EV’s from viruses, yet these aren’t accounted for in viral discovery papers?

    Can someone explain how the virologists can claim they isolate genetic material “from a virus”, when they do not isolate said particles in the research?

    Seems to be very bad methodology to me. If you’re going to claim you’ve “found” something, that thing should be isolated, purified, have it’s genetic material extracted, AND also be proven to cause a “same” type of disease, after it has been transferred to a host in a PHYSIOLOGIC manner.

    I haven’t found this done yet.

    Seems the exosome research is much further advanced than virology, and I would think the many great techniques used in EV research could be put to use in clarifying the above issues.


    • Someone sent me this link when I asked about an isolated SARS Cov2 study:

      Unfortunately I can’t see the details of how they’ve isolated the virus but the paper does mention the size of virus etc. Not sure how they’ve isolated or measured it, but I’d be interested in your view regarding the methodology used in this study – is this different looking from the EV ‘isolation’ methodologies you mentioned? If you’ve got any links to where I can learn more about the different methodologies used for pathogenic virus isolation vs EVs I’d be very grateful. Many thanks!

      • FYI…under electron microscope, an exosome and “SARS Cov2 virus”look exactly the. same…they are dimensionally and architecturally the same.
        They could have been looking at an exosome and called it a virus…in this case SARS Cov2

        • So, is it the exosome which causes the corona infection? And, if all the different viruses are probably exosomes, with other words: there is no existing virus at all – what causes all the so-called virus deseases including all of the different sympthomes? Best regards. Thank you for answering!

          • ForMyLegionaries

            Hello Thorsten. My first time on this site and I’m new to the topics as well. But to my understanding, the “seasonal flu virus” is explained as being the symptoms of a seasonal purge of toxins. Dr Andrew Kaufman has featured in some intriguing videos recently where he posits some questions about germ theory and makes a case for exosomes being behind “viral” symptoms. Of course StasiTube is banning them as fast as they can sniff them out. Which adds to his credibility.

          • Thorsten, one must first answer the following questions:

            (1) Does the virus in question exist?

            – Has the virus been physically isolated?
            – Has any genetic material been scientifically confirmed to have originated from said virus?
            – Has both isolation & genetic analysis repeatedly been confirmed by international labs?
            – Does the RT-PCR (or other) testing method accurately & repeatedly confirm the PRESENCE of said virus?
            – Has EVERY CASE of a person said to have contracted or been infected with the virus been confirmed, via testing, to HAVE the virus?
            – Has EVERY DEATH attributed to the virus been confirmed, via testing, to HAVE had the virus?


            (2) Does or can the virus directly or indirectly cause disease and/or death?

            – Has EVERY death attributed to the virus been scientifically confirmed to have CAUSED the person’s death?
            – Has the virus been scientifically & repeatedly confirmed to cause not only THE disease, but ANY disease? (ie, Is the virus pathogenic in ANY way?)
            – Can THE or ANY disease be transferred to a healthy individual (confirmed to have NO virus) by the transference of fluid/tissue sample of a person confirmed to HAVE the virus? Can this be repeated by an international peer group of scientists? (NOTE: This was attempted in various ways on both animals & people during the “Spanish flu pandemic” of 1918, without success. Also, Dr. Robert Willner inoculated himself with the blood of an AIDS patient multiple times on live TV to prove that so-called “HIV” does not cause AIDS.)

            In short, the answer to ALL of these questions is “NO”. Hence, no one can scientifically claim that ANY virus (pathological or not) exists in either animals or humans. Right now, the most scientifically backed causes of death (other than violence) are the following:

            (1) THE MAJOR CAUSE: Electrical fields (from radio towers, wifi, cell towers, cell & cordless phones, appliances, home wiring, smart meters, power lines, radar, satellites, etc.) Read Arthur Firstenberg’s highly researched & detailed book, THE INVISIBLE RAINBOW. Also look up Samuel Milham, MD.
            (2) Man-made toxins (pesticides/herbicides/fungicides, industrial pollution of air/water/soil, furniture, clothing, cleaners, plastics, etc.)
            (3) Vaccines
            (4) Medical drugs
            (4) Food (artificial additives, GMO’s, malnutrition, reduced soil fertility, etc.)
            (5) Stress (from our money-based competitive & destructive social system)

    • The human body produces exosomes when any out side environmental free radical is introduced, ie gmos, chemicals. In your drinking water, pollution in the air, and people are making up viruses, that are actually just the exos doing there job, cleaning you out.

  3. Hello to all,

    Has the research related to isolation of the novel virus been located? I have also been interested in Dr. Kauffman’s POV, and I am attempting to learn more on my own.

    I am only an engineer in a manufacturing company so I am absolutely unqualified to vet some of the statements and data from research, but I am very interested in learning.

    Thank you in advance for any information shared!

  4. BOTTOM LINE IS, You cannot , for certain, prove the existence of a “virus” There is no “corona virus” that causes diseases, that has been isolated and shown to cause disease [“covid” is the made up name of a made up disease]. Germ Theory, remains a theory. And contagion has never been established. So face it , without me elaborating further , [and I can] you are running a website that is based on make believe ….trying to get others, to believe, made up thoughts and ideas. Unsubstantiated, unproven, theories, that have questionable basis in fact and reality. Now, once you admit this to yourself, you can begin to be completely honest and announce it. Stand For Truth. Make your short time here, have value. And stop wasting it, living a lie…..Slidingintoit

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