ISEV-2013 Wrap Up

ISEV-2013 in Boston was held as planned!

ISEV-2013 was a success! Thank you to all participants, local organizers and volunteers for making this exciting meeting such a friendly and open discussion forum.  Also, a special thanks to Michael O’Neill, the freelance science writer that helped ISEV write the daily blog from the meeting. Please click here to access the blog  and here to access Mike’s website.

Once thought to exist only inside cells, RNA is now known to travel outside of cells and play a role in newly discovered mechanisms of cell-to-cell communication. Are these extracelluar RNAs (exRNAs) involved in diseases like cancer, heart disease or neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s? Could scientists learn how to use exRNAs to diagnose diseases earlier or even to treat these diseases? The NIH Common Fund’s Extracellular RNA Communication program aims to unlock the mysteries of exRNAs, uncovering their roles in human health and disease.

The ISEV-2013 abstract book is available for download (JEV website, click here):

Download File

Click here to find the final ISEV-2013 program pdf files

ISEV-2014: Rotterdam is under negotiation

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