ISEV 2024 Annual Meeting

On behalf of the International Society for Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV), we invite you to attend the 13th ISEV Annual Meeting to be held May 8-12, 2024, in Melbourne, Australia.

The ISEV Annual Meeting is the only international event focused on EVs that attracts a global audience of EV researchers and covers the breadth of new and innovative research.

The theme of ISEV2024 is “Discover, Innovate and Understand”.

Coming to Australia for the first time, ISEV2024 will cover all topics encompassing extracellular vesicles, from fundamentals to biological discovery, nanotechnology and platform technologies, as well as advances in clinical and translational research. In addition to attending expert educational and scientific sessions, delegates will explore Melbourne and beyond, including the spectacular arts scene, world-class sporting calendar, unique local wildlife, Indigenous Australian experiences, and renowned culinary delights.


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