ISEV Workshop – 2017 – Diet, Environment and Extracellular Vesicles

27-28 January 2017   –   Melbourne, Australia

Goals and scientific program

To undertake a theoretical discussion on the isolation and characterization of dietary and environmental EVs. To engage in proactive discussions on how dietary EVs can affect the consuming organism and whether dietary RNAs are transferred by EVs. To exploit the influence of dietary and environmental factors on EV release and the application of diet or diet-based EVs. Based on these discussions we aim to prepare a scientific report on the current knowledge and evidence of EV-mediated cross-organism communication and future research directions.


To promote EV-related scientific interests across the globe, Australia has been chosen to host the next ISEV workshop. The venue for the workshop will be the La Trobe University campus in Bundoora, North of Melbourne. This workshop will cover topics pertaining to diet, environment and EVs. Additionally, the workshop will feature dialogue between recognized experts in mammalian EV isolation and characterization and investigators who study dietary and environmental EVs. As with all ISEV workshops, abstracts will be chosen from submissions to encourage geographical and subject matter diversity, as well as contact between senior and junior researchers. Brief oral presentations will be thematically grouped based and interspersed with small-group roundtable discussions. The workshop is expected to yield a scholarly product, such as a position paper or meeting report to be published in the Journal of Extracellular Vesicles or another appropriate venue.

Important: A maximum of 50 participants will be selected based on their expertise and specific contribution in the EV field.

Important Dates:

Applications open: Sep 2016
Applications close: 25 Oct 2016
Application status notification: Before 5 Nov 2016


Chair: Suresh Mathivanan (La Trobe University, Australia)

Local and International Board:  Michael Pfaffl (Technical University of Munich, Germany); Marilyn Anderson (La Trobe University, Australia); Mark Bleackley (La Trobe University, Australia); Kendal Hirschi (Baylor College of Medicine, USA)

ISEV Board: Marca Wauben (Utrecht University, The Netherlands); Andrew Hill (La Trobe University, Australia)

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