Izon Introduces New Chromatography System and Sample Processing Service for Scaling Up EV Therapeutics


To accelerate the development of extracellular vesicle (EV)-based therapeutics, Izon Science has introduced two new solutions designed to scale up EV isolation from large sample volumes.

For EV-based biomarkers and therapeutics to reach their potential in mainstream medicine, the field must embrace automation and scalable EV isolation solutions. Izon’s qEV Isolation platform supports both dimensions of scale-up: maximizing the number of samples processed daily and the volume of samples processed at once. This article will focus on the latter.

For those entering the EV therapeutics or EV cosmetics industry, scaling EV isolation requires maximizing the volume of sample processed at once. In some cases, using a qEV100 – Izon’s largest off-the-shelf column – is sufficient. For larger-scale needs, this involves using clarification and filtration steps before separation on a large, customized qEV column.


Sample Processing Services for Outsourcing EV Isolation Workflow Development

The first offer is in recognition of those wanting to collect EVs from sample volumes of approximately 6-10 L. For some, the range of 6-10 L may be the end goal. For others, this volume range may serve to optimize the new workflow, before scaling up to even larger volumes. While Izon is currently set up to process samples in Boston, USA, they are open to replicating this setup in additional locations in the future.

For a highly competitive cost of approximately $25,000 USD, EV researchers can access:

  • Tangential flow filtration, various filters, and customized qEV columns
  • Expertise and familiarity with workflow development
  • Data characterizing the EV isolate (including EV concentration, size distribution, protein content, and other molecular characterization upon request)
  • Tech transfer, available on request through a qEV PurePath for Therapeutics agreement

‘Before EV therapeutic companies can put their product through larger-scale testing, they first need to ramp up their isolation workflows to handle bigger volumes,’ says Hans van der Voorn, CEO and co-founder of Izon. ‘Tackling this on your own can be a real headache and it eats up a lot of time. Partnering with a seasoned process development team makes scaling up much smoother and allows you to focus on your unique aspects of development.’


qEV Zenco: Izon’s Automated Chromatography System  

The qEV Zenco is Izon’s solution for a hands-off, automated chromatography system, suitable for processing samples on qEV2, qEV10, qEV100 and even larger customized columns. Its built-in UV detector simplifies EV and protein peak identification, while pH detection ensures acids have passed through the column before adding a sample. With a tidy and interactive interface, 8 outlets, and conductivity detection, the qEV Zenco saves time while processing large sample volumes. Priced at $46,000, beta units are available now at a reduced price. Customization options for V1 units can be discussed with the Izon team.

Supporting EV Isolation Scale-Up at All Stages

As the EV industry continues to expand and diversify, so too do the needs and priorities of EV researchers. In recognition of this, Izon is diversifying its qEV Isolation instruments and services to meet these varying demands. Researchers are encouraged to reach out and discuss their specific requirements, sample types and situations, to explore options for effective EV isolation scale-up.


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