Izon Science releases exosome isolation column

Izon Science announces the release and immediate availability of its new analytical-scale exosome isolation column, the qEVsingle. Based on Size Exclusion Chromatography, the qEVsingle is designed to handle 100μL samples of biological fluids (blood plasma or serum, CSF, saliva, urine, etc.) or concentrated cell cultures. Designed for single use, the qEVsingle is ideally suited to large clinical studies involving hundreds or thousands of patient samples thanks to its fast operation and its ability to prepare protein contamination-free exosomes.

SEC columns, built to quality standards, provide the only separation method that can be standardized sufficiently for medical trials and subsequent clinical use. qEVsingle columns are expected to rapidly become the global standard for the diagnostic development of EVs.

The qEVsingle completes the Izon Science range of exosome isolation SEC columns initiated by the successful standard qEV SEC column, which is designed for preparative-scale (500μL samples) and can be used up to five times.

More information about the qEVsingle can be found on Izon Science’s website www.izon.com.

Source- Izon Science

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