Liquid Biopsies Remain Wait and See for Some Clinicians

Circulating Biomarker Assays Promise to Refresh Cancer Profiling and Monitoring Practices

Genetic Engineering News – Clinicians are starting to become aware of the advantages of liquid biopsy, but they still have reservations. The point is, clinicians are unlikely to be moved by superficial appeals to technological progress. They will not fully accept liquid biopsy until they see substantive demonstrations that the sample-collecting method offers unique benefits to patients, without depriving them of any of the benefits that are already available with traditional biopsy techniques.

Granted, liquid biopsy and traditional biopsy are not mutually exclusive. It is striking, however, that several of the liquid biopsy experts in this roundup editorial said the same thing: Clinicians are looking for assurances that liquid biopsy and traditional biopsy demonstrate concordance. This requirement seems to have the status of a “necessary but not sufficient” condition.

GEN interviewed a number of liquid biopsy experts to learn more about the status of liquid biopsies in the clinic and what they view as some long-term goals for this promising technology.

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