Liquid Biopsy Cancer Diagnostics Market – Anticipated to Grow Aggressively at 44% CAGR

Liquid biopsy primarily focuses on the detection, isolation and characterization of biomarkers from circulating tumor cells (CTCs), circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) or exosomes present in biological fluids, which can be collected in a single blood draw.

Primarily driven by liquid biopsy, the non-invasive cancer diagnostics market is anticipated to grow aggressively at a healthy annual growth rate of 44% between 2015 and 2030. Prostate cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and lung cancer are likely to be the key indications which will drive the market; combined, these are expected to account for over 70% of the total liquid biopsy market in 2030.

A new report by Research and Markets “Non-Invasive Cancer Diagnostics Market, 2015 – 2030”  provides an extensive study on over 50 liquid biopsy kits/assays that are either commercialized or under development for the diagnosis of different types of cancer. Of these, 50% tests are based on the identification of disease biomarkers in ctDNA of the test sample. Nearly 37% of the tests are based on the enumeration/analysis of CTCs in the sample and the remaining 13% validate the presence of the disease from the information obtained from exosomes.

In addition to liquid biopsy, the report identifies close to 40 other non-invasive cancer diagnostics that are used for screening, diagnosis, prognosis and patient monitoring; these include techniques based on molecular imaging, advanced methods of detecting clinically significant biomarkers and identification of nucleosomal levels.

Source – BusinessWire

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