MDimune and SensoryCure announce a collaboration to develop therapeutics for hearing loss

MDimune, a Korean biotech company developing BioDroneTM platform technology based on cell-derived vesicles (CDVs), enters into an MOU with SensoryCure to collaborate on the development of therapeutics for hearing loss. SensoryCure is a company established by otolaryngology specialists, Dr. Bong Jik Kim (Chungnam National University Sejong Hospital, Korea) and Dr. Byung-Yoon Choi (Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Korea) to develop diagnostic devices and provide innovative cures for patients suffering from hearing loss.

In recent publications, Dr. Kim and Dr. Choi reported the influence of genetic contribution to pediatric mild-to-moderate hearing loss and successful long-term audiologic outcomes of cochlear implantation in patients with cochlear aplasia, which is considered one of the most severe forms of cochlear impairment. They also identified multiple genetic variants which contribute to malformation and hearing loss and established the clinical guideline to treat autoinflammatory inner ear disorder.

MDimune develops BioDrone™ platform technology which utilizes CDVs obtained from its proprietary extrusion technology as a next-generation drug delivery system. This novel class of drug carriers is highly versatile and can be generated from various types of human cells at high production yields. The collaboration aims to demonstrate the efficacy of CDVs as a therapeutic for autoinflammatory hearing loss and commercialize the product.

Shingyu Bae, the CEO of MDimune addressed, “we have been working on the development of therapeutics for debilitating diseases. We are very excited to work with SensoryCure, the leading expert in the hearing loss field. We will also expand our research to build a gene therapy platform in hearing loss.”

Dr. Bong Jik Kim, the CEO of SensoryCure, added, “we are very pleased to collaborate with MDimune to develop therapeutics for hearing loss using their world-class technology.”

Source – MDimune

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