MDimune to collaboration with Paracelsus Medical University for EV therapeutics development

MDimune Inc., a cell-derived vesicle (CDVs)-based therapeutics company with BioDrone® platform technology, announced on April 30th, 2020, the signature of a research collaboration agreement with Paracelsus Medical University (PMU, Salzburg, Austria). PMU will bring their experience to further the company’s global development goals.

The agreement states that PMU will develop a process for producing CDV therapeutics at GMP-compliant scale as well as supply them for the pre-clinical study and the initial phase of human clinical study. PMU has also agreed to establish GMP-grade mesenchymal stem cell banks derived from umbilical cords for MDimune, which will then be used to produce CDVs required for various preclinical and clinical development.

EVs, especially exosomes, have emerged as a novel therapeutic with their roles in intercellular communications. However, the fact that they only naturally occur in minuscule quantities and the difficulties involved in large-scale production have prevented a rapid progress in the commercialization of EVs. MDimune developed BioDrone® platform technology to overcome these critical limitations in EV therapeutics. MDimune anticipates that the research collaboration with PMU will accelerate the development of CDVs in therapeutics and the initiation of clinical trials in the US, Europe, and Asia, which will lead to more partnerships in the global market.

MDimune also announced the appointment of Dr. Mario Gimona, a leading exosome expert, as Chief Manufacturing Officer. Dr. Gimona has been heading the stem cell and extracellular vesicle (EV) production unit at PMU’s GMP laboratory as well as investigating the clinical potential of multipotent mesenchymal stem cell-derived EVs in the field of regenerative medicine. With his expertise in manufacturing of EV therapeutics, he will be able to help advance the clinical applications of BioDrone® platform technology.

“We are thrilled to announce a joint research endeavor with Paracelsus Medical University. We are confident that this collaboration will expedite the entry into the clinical phase of development for the company, which will allow us to become a global leader in the field of EV therapeutics and ultimately provide a cure for many patients with devastating diseases around the world,” said Bae, CEO of MDimune. Dr. Resch, Rector of PMU also emphasized that “combining the individual strengths of MDimune and PMU`s GMP unit will enhance therapy development and ultimately change people`s lives”.

Source – MDimune

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