Mechanisms associated with biogenesis of exosomes in cancer

Intercellular communication between cellular compartments within the tumor and at distant sites is critical for the development and progression of cancer. Exosomes have emerged as potential regulators of intracellular communication in cancer. Exosomes are nanovesicles released by cells that contain biomolecules and are exchanged between cells. Exchange of exosomes between cells has been implicated in a number of processes critical for tumor progression and consequently altering exosome release is an attractive therapeutic target. MD Anderson Cancer Center researchers review current understanding as well as gaps in knowledge regarding regulators of exosome release in cancer.


The role of tumor and stromal cell-derived exosomes in cancer. Reported effects of tumor-cell derived exosomes on stromal cells and vice versa within the tumor microenvironment

McAndrews KM, Kalluri R. (2019) Mechanisms associated with biogenesis of exosomes in cancer. Mol Cancer 18(1):52. [article]

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