Methionine restriction increases exosome production and secretion in breast cancer cells

Methionine addiction is the elevated requirement for exogenous methionine for growth and survival of cancer cells, termed the Hoffman effect. Methionine-addicted cancer cells synthesize normal or excess amounts of methionine but still need an external source of methionine. Methionine restriction (MR) by either a methionine-free medium or in vivo by a low-methionine diet or by methioninase, selectively arrests cancer cells in the late S/G2 cell cycle phase, but not normal cells. The present study focuses on the comparison of production and secretion of exosomes by cancer cells under MR and normal conditions. Researchers at Kobe University labeled MDA-MB-231 cells (triple-negative breast cancer), containing exosomes with CD63-GFP (CD63-GFP exosomes), and visualized by fluorescence microscopy. MDA-MB-231 cells expressing exosome-specific CD63-GFP were cultured in methionine-containing (MET+) or in methionine-free (MET−) DMEM conditions. Exosomes were isolated from conditioned medium of cultured MDA-MD-231 cells by ultracentrifugation and characterized by nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA) and Western blotting. When MDA-MB-231-CD63-GFP cells were cultured under MR conditions, they arrested their growth and CD63-GFP-expressing exosomes were strongly increased in the cells. MR resulted in approximately a 2-fold increase in exosome production and secretion per cell, even though cell growth was arrested. Methionine restriction thus resulted in elevated exosome production and secretion per surviving cell. Exosome production and secretion in the cancer cells increased under MR, suggesting a relation between MR and exosome production and secretion.

Fluorescence imaging of CD63-GFP exosomes in MDA-MB-231-CD63-GFP cells under methionine restriction and normal-methionine conditions. The cell nuclei are stained with Hoechst 33342 (blue fluorescence).

Inubushi S, Kunihisa T, Mizumoto S, Inoue S, Miki M, Suetsugu A, Tanino H, Hoffman RM. (2023) Methionine Restriction Increases Exosome Production and Secretion in Breast Cancer Cells. Can Gen & Proteo 20 (5) 412-416 [article]

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