Method for exosomal biomarker detection by electric field-induced release and measurement

WO 2012162563 A3

The molecules harbored in exosomes play important roles in biological science. A highly desirable goal for exosome research is the rapid, simple, simultaneous tracking and quantification of exosome harbored molecules. Disclosed herein are methods and devices for inducing the release and measurement of biomolecules harbored in exosomes. The disclosed method, Electric Field Induced Release and Measurement (EFIRM) technique, uses an electrical field to simultaneously disrupt exosomes to release the contents and measure the harbored exosomal RNA/proteins. The exosome vesicle contents can be released within minutes. This provides a potential on-site method for the detection of exosome-harbored biomolecules.

Publication number WO2012162563 A3
Publication type Application
Application number PCT/US2012/039471
Publication date Mar 28, 2013
Filing date May 24, 2012
Priority date May 24, 2011
Also published as WO2012162563A2
Inventors David T. Wong, Fang Wei, Wei Liao
Applicant The Regents Of The University Of California
Classifications (10), Legal Events (1)
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