MiRNA in melanoma-derived exosomes

Proteins, RNAs and viruses can be spread through exosomes, therefore transport utilizing these nanovesicles is of the great interest. MiRNAs are common exosomal constituents capable of influencing expression of a variety of target genes. MiRNA signatures of exosomes are unique in cancer patients and differ from those in normal controls. The knowledge about miRNA profiles of tumor-derived exosomes may contribute to better diagnosis, determination of tumor progression and response to treatment, as well as to the development of targeted therapies. the authors summarize the current knowledge with regard to miRNAs that are found in exosomes derived from tumors, particularly from melanoma.

exosome rna

Gajos-Michniewicz A, Duechler M, Czyz M. (2014) MiRNA in melanoma-derived exosomes. Cancer Lett [Epub ahead of print]. [abstract]

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