NanoSomix Aims to Launch Neural Exosome Biomarker Tech by Year-End

from GenomeWeb by Doug Macron

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – With the publication this week of data around its technology for the isolation and analysis of protein biomarkers in neural exosomes, startup NanoSomix is aiming to introduce a blood-based assay for Alzheimer’s disease-associated biomarkers before the end of the year.

The assay, dubbed NSX Direct, will measure two phosphorylated tau isoforms, total tau, and amyloid beta 1-42 — markers that are currently measured using either brain imaging or cerebrospinal fluid extraction, NanoSomix President and CEO John Osth told GenomeWeb. It will be first made available through an early-access program in the coming months, followed by a full commercial rollout thereafter.

NanoSomix is also planning to begin offering this year a service called NSX Enrich through which it will enrich plasma samples for neural exosomes that researchers can analyze for proteins, mRNA, and other components of interest, he said. (read more…)

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