NanoView Biosciences and Alfatest Enter into Distribution Agreement

NanoView Biosciences, Inc., and Alfatest today announced an exclusive distribution agreement for NanoView’s ExoView™ platform in Italy.

“We believe that scientists in Italy will be excited to have access to NanoView’s unique exosome characterization technology to open up new avenues of research into extracellular vesicles,” said Valentino Polchi, General Manager of Alfatest. “Our team will be working closely with NanoView as we introduce this technology to an important new European market.”

The ExoView platform provides high-resolution sizing, counting, and phenotyping of exosomes at the individual extracellular vesicle level. The molecular cargo carried by exosomes has potential for diagnostic, prognostic, and even therapeutic use for a broad range of diseases. The ExoView platform requires minimal sample input, no sample prep or purification, and little hands-on time. It can be used directly with complex biological samples.

“It is an honor to work with the Alfatest team for our first distribution agreement in Europe,” said Jerry Williamson, CEO of NanoView Biosciences. “We have been intently focused on expanding access to the ExoView platform to help accelerate exosome research around the world with our one-of-a-kind technology for accurately characterizing extracellular vesicles.”

Source – BusinessWire

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