New Technologies Are Detecting Cancer Earlier Than Ever Before

Using a simple blood test for early cancer diagnosis and treatment monitoring

To most people, liquid biopsy is a new technology – using a simple blood sample to check for cancer cells in the body, instead of an invasive tumor biopsy. However, a Canada-based precision oncology company, CTOAM (Cancer Treatment Options and Management Inc.), has been using liquid biopsies for over four years.

And now, CTOAM is launching a new biotech company: Liquid Biopsy Labs (LBL). LBL provides cancer patients and clinics with access to new patent-pending technology that produces more accurate results than other commercial liquid biopsy tests. Standard liquid biopsies measure DNA from blood, but they do not identify the source of this DNA: It may be from dead cancer cells (due to treatment); live cancer cells traveling via blood (metastasis); normal cells; or extracellular vesicles, such as exosomes. Subsequently, standard liquid biopsies cannot tell if a treatment is working because the source of the DNA is not specified by the test.

Alexander Rolland, chief science officer and co-founder of Liquid Biopsy Labs, says: “Our research team has discovered a way to isolate and quantify tumor DNA from blood that is specifically involved in the process of metastasis, giving us crucial information about how well a patient’s cancer treatment is working or not, which not only saves time and money but can be the difference between life and death.”

LBL’s novel liquid biopsy test can be used for a variety of clinical applications, including:

  • Determining the likelihood that a patient would benefit from immunotherapy
  • The identification of inherited mutations that may be clinically relevant
  • Understanding which mutations are driving the growth of the cancer cells
  • The detection of recurrent cancer cells

“Our new test is 99-plus percent accurate. LBL’s liquid biopsy test represents a new milestone in cancer diagnostics – one that will have significant effects on patients,” explains Michelle Morand, LBL co-founder and managing partner.

Cancer clinics around the globe have already taken notice of Liquid Biopsy Labs’ new approach, with client and clinic referrals from the U.S., Asia and Europe.

Source – PRNewswire

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