Norgen Biotek Launches Novel Exosome Isolation and Exosomal microRNA Purification Kits

exosomesNorgen Biotek, an innovative privately held Canadian biotechnology company focusing on advancing powerful tools for nucleic acids (NA) and protein purification, today announced the launch of novel kits for the fast and simple isolation of exosomes from plasma/serum, urine, and cell culture media.  These novel kits are based on the use of Norgen’s proprietary resin to purify and concentrate the exosomes. These kits are simple, rapid and scalable. Furthermore, Norgen has developed kits for the isolation of high quality RNA from exosomes.

Norgen’s exosomal RNA kits are designed to isolate all sizes of extracellular vesicle RNA, including microRNA. The kits provide a clear advantage over other available kits in that they do not require any special instrumentation, protein precipitation reagents, extension tubes, phenol/chloroform or protease treatments. Moreover, the kits allow the user to elute into flexible elution volumes. The purified RNA is free from any protein-bound circulating RNA and is of the highest integrity.  The purified RNA can be used in a number of downstream applications including real time PCR, RT-PCR, Northern blotting, RNase protection, primer extension, expression array assays and NGS.

Norgen also launched 4 kits that allow for the depletion of exosomes from fetal bovine serum. Extensive testing has shown that depleted FBS provides the same cellular growth rates as the standard FBS.

“The study of exosomes is an exciting new field, and Norgen’s technology is well suited for the purification of exosomes and exosomal RNA. Users can simultaneously concentrate and isolate high quality exosomal RNA, including microRNA, for use in sensitive downstream assays. These novel kits represent a very exciting addition to our line of high quality products, and we are confident that our customers will find these kits highly enabling.” said Dr. Haj-Ahmad, President  & CEO.

About Norgen Biotek Corp.

Norgen Biotek an ISO 15189:2007, ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 registered company, is a privately-held Canadian biotech company committed to focusing on developing innovative products for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry. Norgen is applying its proprietary technologies to develop best-in-class products for the purification of NA and proteins as well as Mdx.  For more information –

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