Novel Strategies to Accelerate Research on Antibodies Against Exosomal Markers

With well-established phage display technology and a professional scientist team providing real-time guidance, Creative Biolabs has released novel exosome antibody development services.

Exosome, with a lipid bilayer membrane structure, is a tiny membrane vesicle that can be secreted by most cells. As a new research hotspot, exosomes have become a potentially effective method for disease diagnosis and treatment due to their wide existence in the body and convenient access, and have shown great potential in exosomal cargo loading and targeted delivery. Additionally, research on exosome antibodies may contribute to shaping the future in the development of precision medicine.

To advance the research on exosomes for clinical applications such as disease prognosis and diagnosis, Creative Biolabs has unveiled exosome antibody development services, covering phage display antibody screening and B cell sorting technologies.

  • Phage Display Antibody Library Screening

Premade phage display antibody library has advantages of the high level of developability, capacity and diversity, thus having been developed as a comprehensive solution to various antibody development programs. Creative Biolabs has a range of robust premade libraries, providing rich library resources with large capacity and diversity. The experienced expert team is confident at the whole pipeline of antibody screening for exosome, from project design, to product production and data interpretation.

Immune phage display antibody library screening services are also available at Creative Biolabs, of which the number can reach a diversity of 108-10 to meet the needs of the majority of research—services are for different exosome markers, including exosome-specific markers and disease-specific markers; the screening can be well implemented with various host species, including human, monkey, mouse, rat, rabbit, chicken, and camel.

  • B Cell Sorting

B cell sorting technology is a promising approach to developing antibodies for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Creative Biolabs offers B cell sorting for exosome antibody development, also for different exosome markers and from a wide range of host species, including antibody testing and validation for exosome antigen reactivity, as well as antibody-based assay development such as Western Blotting, FACS, and ELISA.

In addition, Creative Biolabs also releases a list of exosomal antibody products that can be directly used for exosome marker detection. Featured products are Anti-CD9 mAb-PE, Mouse IgG1 (isotype control)-Biotin, Anti-human CD41 antibody, etc.

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