NurExone granted US patent for technology and drug composition of Exo-PTEN, designed for treating acute spinal cord injuries

NurExone Biologic Inc, a biopharmaceutical company developing biologically-guided exosome therapy for patients with traumatic spinal cord injuries, announces that the Company has received an issue notification from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) for U.S. Patent NO. 11,648,260, granted for the period of 20 years from filing date until March 27, 2039. The patent protects NurExone’s Exo-PTEN technology, and its drug composition as well as methods for non-invasive intranasal administration of exosome-based treatment.

The Patent is a result of a productive collaboration between the Technion (the Israel Institute of Technology) and Tel Aviv University. Both Technology transfer companies, Technion Research and Development Foundation Ltd. and Ramot at Tel Aviv University Ltd are the assignees on the granted patent. NurExone has an exclusive license on the granted patent. One of the inventors, Dr. Nisim Perets is currently leading the technology transfer activities in NurExone’s research and development team.

In order to strengthen the Exo-PTEN technology platform protection as well as to further expand NurExone’s intellectual property portfolio, the Company proceeds in a filing of a child ‘continuation’ patent application with the USPTO, to include additional claims on the method of treatment and indication of the Exo-PTEN platform. In parallel, counterparts of the U.S. patent are being examined in different countries around the world.

According to Patent Attorney Bat Ami Gotliv, PhD, who consults the Company – the grant of this patent is a significant millstone for NurExone and, based on the Company’s promising Intellectual Property portfolio, an initial step for expanding its proprietary estate and becoming a leading company in the field of Central Nervous System and neurological diseases treatment.

“We are pleased to have been granted a patent for our propriety drug product, Exo-PTEN,” said Dr. Lior Shaltiel, CEO of NurExone. “The latest patent expands our intellectual property portfolio and enables us to be the exclusive provider of this unique exosome-based therapy that is designed to treat acute spinal cord injuries.”

Source – NurExone

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