Origami-paper-based device for microvesicle/exosome preconcentration and isolation

Microvesicles and exosomes are promising liquid biopsy biomarkers. However, conventional isolation techniques damage and contaminate the biomarkers. Kwangwoon University researchers have developed an origami-paper-based device for effective isolation of biomarkers with less damage and in fewer steps. The multi-folded device enables the preconcentration of the microvesicles/exosomes on specific layers (∼5-fold) by the ion concentration polarization technique and they were simply isolated from the rest of the sample by unfolding the device.

Preconcentration of microvesicle/exosome with different pore size papers


Regardless of pore sizes, microvesicles/exosomes were preconcentrated on layer 8 and 9 in 20 min, but more microvesicles/exosomes were stuck to the first layer of the smaller paper matrix

Kim H, Lee KH, Han SI, Lee D, Chung S, Lee D, Lee JH. (2019) Origami-paper-based device for microvesicle/exosome preconcentration and isolation. Lab Chip [Epub ahead of print]. [abstract]

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