Podcast – Exosomes: Current Research and Future Possibilities

Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky – Exosomes: Current Research and Future Possibilities

HPA Podcast with David Nolan – Episode 51

In this episode, David is joined by Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky. Dr. Tarnopolsky is a professor in McMaster University and leads a research team with the primary focus on neuromuscular and neurometabolic diseases and rehabilitation.

The overall goal of their research program is to discover and evaluate therapies that will enhance muscle function in people with acquired and genetic neuromuscular diseases and mitochondrial dysfunction. They have a particular interest in the potential for exercise, pharmacological and nutraceutical interventions to enhance muscle function and improve muscle mass. Their program spans the research disciplines from cell culture all the way to small-scale clinical trials.

In this episode David & Dr. Tarnopolsky discuss;

  •  What are microvesicles & exosomes?
  •  What are the potential applications of exosomes in:
  •  Clinical settings and disease?
  • By what mechanisms do we believe exosomes are exerting their effect?
  • What is the potential future research into the area of exosomes going to look like?

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