Post-doc Position Available – Archael Molecular Biology

An international team of five research groups from four different countries (Chile, Finland, Germany and Israel) are looking for a Postdoctoral Researcher in Archaeal Molecular Biology to work in the project “A plasmid goes viral: Understanding the origin and evolution of viruses by studying a newly discovered virus-like element.” funded by the Volkswagen Foundation. The post-doctoral position is situated in Helsinki and he/she will be mentored by PI Elina Roine.

The project focuses on molecular characterization of plasmid carrying extracellular vesicles (PVs) as well as vesicle-like viruses to compare their protein structure, mechanisms of the production and interactions with their hosts. The research includes wide variety of research methods in microbiology and molecular biology, including production and purification of plasmid vesicles/viruses, cloning, heterologous protein production and purification as well as analyses involving lipids.

We are looking for a candidate with experience in at least two of the indicated methods and the ability to incorporate or develop new molecular techniques. Previous experience in working with Archaea or with viruses is of great advantage. We strongly encourage the development and pursuing of own ideas of the post-doctoral fellow.

The position is for 24 months starting as soon as possible, but latest in the beginning of April 2022.


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