Post-doc position available – exosome engineering / cell biology

Job description

We are seeking a motivated individual for a postdoctoral research association position in the Department of Pathology at the University of Cambridge. The project will involve the cloning of DNA constructs to retro/lentiviral vectors, the generation of stable cell lines expressing recombinant antigens that are targeted to exosomes, and the purification and analysis of recombinant exosomes. The Edgar lab focuses on endosome and exosome trafficking in mammalian cells and we are interested in designing novel methods to generate exosomes containing viral/bacterial antigens This work will be a collaboration between Exosis and the labs of Dr James Edgar and Prof John Towsdale at the Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge.


You will participate in research centered about the immunological potential of mammalian-derived modified exosomes. You will perform experiments, including generating DNA constructs, making stable cell lines, purifying exosomes from cells, and analyzing exosome composition. These exosomes will be used downstream in immunology assays to analyse the immunological potential for exosomes.


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