Postdoc position available – exosome-mediated delivery for gene targeting

Postdoctoral position in specific gene targeting-Immediate opening

Stanford University School of Medicine

  • Date Posted – Jan. 13, 2015
  • Job Title – Postdoctoral position in specific gene targeting-Immediate opening
  • Department – Microbiology & Immunology
  • Institution – Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA
  • Application Deadline – Open untill filled
  • Position Start Date – Available immediately…

For research on targeted and specific exosome-mediated delivery of messenger and/or therapeutic micro RNAs to HER2+ breast cancer tumors. In the case of mRNA, the aim is to activate the prodrug CNOB specifically in the tumor; the cytotoxic product of this prodrug is highly fluorescent and can be visualized non-invasively in living mice – for more details access the link:; open PDF doc, “Main current projects (as of August 2014), ‘Translational cancer research’” on the very first page. Candidates with demonstrated productivity and strong background in molecular biology are invited to apply. Prior experience with drug discovery, work with mice and imaging is a plus. The position offers competitive salary and health benefits. The project involves collaboration with surgeons, oncologists, and blood brain barrier specialists in Stanford Medical School, as well as collaboration with SRI, and is supported by a nation-wide NIH-sponsored consortium.

Apply to Professor Matin by email:

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