Potential of yeast secretory vesicles in biodelivery systems

Membranous vesicular organelles (MVOs), such as secretory vesicles and exosomes, perform a variety of biological functions ranging from secretion to cellular communication in eukaryotic cells. Exosomes, particularly those of mammalian cells, have been widely studied as potential carriers in human therapeutic applications. However, no study has yet demonstrated the use of yeast secretory vesicles for such applications. Therefore, the authors explore here the current state of knowledge on yeast secretory vesicles and their potential use in therapeutic delivery systems. They focus on the characteristics shared by exosomes and yeast secretory vesicles to provide insights into the use of the latter as delivery vehicles. From this perspective, they speculate on the potential application of post-Golgi vesicles (PGVs) in the biomedical field.

exosome rna

Kutralam-Muniasamy G, Flores-Cotera LB, Perez-Guevara F. (2015) Potential of yeast secretory vesicles in biodelivery systems. Drug Discov Today [Epub ahead of print]. [abstract]

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