Predicine Introduces PredicineCOMPLETE™, its Genome-Wide Liquid Biopsy Solution

Predicine, a global molecular insights company, announces the introduction of PredicineCOMPLETE™, the organization’s most comprehensive next-generation liquid biopsy solution that provides genome-wide, genomic and epigenomic insights to capture the mutational landscape and the immune signature of cancer and to help support cancer research and clinical drug development.

New data is being presented at the 37th Annual Conference of Society for Immunotherapy Cancer (SITC), November 8-12 in Boston, demonstrating the clinical utility of Predicine’s genome-wide liquid biopsy solution. The data references Predicine’s blood-based whole-genome methylation (PredicineEPIC™), low-pass whole-genome sequencing (PredicineCNB™) and boosted whole-exome sequencing (PredicineWES+™).

“Liquid biopsy has entered an era of genome-wide molecular profiling. There is a clear need to understand the complete molecular profile of tumor cells, tumor microenvironment, and disease evolution upon therapy,” said Shidong Jia, Predicine’s Founder and Global CEO. “PredicineCOMPLETE™ closes the last mile in comprehensive genomic mutational profile and epigenomic methylation insights to better understand disease biology, therapy response, minimal residual diseases, and drug resistance mechanisms, with the goal to further support clinical drug development in immuno-oncology and targeted therapy, among other applications.”

Source – Globe Newswire

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