Predicine opens R&D facilities in Shanghai, will focus on liquid biopsy-based precision diagnostics in China

Predicine celebrated the grand opening of its new R&D facilities in Shanghai, China, with a launch ceremony honoring the occasion on September 26, 2016. Invited dignitaries included government officials, collaborators and customers from leading hospitals, universities and pharmaceutical companies.

Predicine is an international precision medicine organization that is committed to developing innovative diagnostics, therapeutics and big data in cancer and other serious diseases. Predicine was founded by a group of world-leading experts from Genentech, Roche, Novartis, Guardant Health, Illumina, Harvard, Stanford with domain expertise in precision oncology, liquid biopsy, cancer diagnostics, next-generation sequencing, biomarker development, drug discovery, clinical trial, bioinformatics and cloud computing.

The goal of Predicine is to address the rising and urgent healthcare problems and support drug development globally. In this effort, the new facilities in Shanghai are fully operational and equipped to accommodate the growing demand of liquid- and tissue biopsy-based precision diagnostics in China. Predicine Shanghai covers an area of 14,220 square feet, with functional high-throughput NGS and histopathology lab, which complements the liquid biopsy-focused Predicine US in the Silicon Valley – California, which covers an area of 7,200 square feet.

Predicine developed the world’s first ctRNA+ctDNA combined liquid biopsy test, called Gene RADAR, using a single tube of blood to detect genetic alterations including mutation, fusion, copy number variation, gene expression and splice variants. Earlier this year, Predicine introduced NGS-based blood test products and services including PrediSeq panels for pharmaceutical companies and PrediAct series for cancer patients in hospitals. “We are committed to bringing the first- and best-in-class technology to support personalized cancer care and global drug development,” said Shidong Jia, Founder and CEO of Predicine.

“With our new facility in Shanghai, Predicine offers an integrated ‘one-stop-shop’ biomarker service platform that meets the growing market demands from international Pharma customers and local hospitals in China,” said Winston Patrick Kuo, President of Predicine USA. “At the same time, we can demonstrate our global leadership in precision medicine.” Predicine has established partnership with leading pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and universities, and KOLs in China and globally.

Source – Market Wired

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