Quantification and imaging of exosomes via luciferase-fused exosome marker proteins: ExoLuc System

Bioluminescence (BL) has been widely used to quantitatively monitor various biological phenomena. Researchers at the Aichi Cancer Center Research Institute describe a protocol for preparing and using cells expressing exosomes labeled with luciferase. The BL of the culture medium of these cells is proportional to the number of secreted exosome particles obtained by well-established nanoparticle tracking analysis, allowing easy, rapid, and sensitive quantification of exosomes in vitro and in vivo. This method, designated the ExoLuc system, is a powerful tool for analyzing the molecular mechanisms of exosome biosynthesis, secretion, uptake, and biodistribution.

Hikita T, Oneyama C. (2022) Quantification and Imaging of Exosomes via Luciferase-Fused Exosome Marker Proteins: ExoLuc System. Methods Mol Biol 2524:281-290. [abstract]

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