Regeneus Ltd US Patent Allowed for Sygenus Secretions Technology for Acne

Regeneus, a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company, today announced that the United States Patent Office has issued a notice of allowance for a patent covering the composition, manufacture and use of the secretion stem cell technology platform, known as Sygenus, to treat acne. We recently informed the market of the new name for the secretions platform in our Q2 2017 Update.

United States Patent Application No. 14/005269 entitled “Pharmaceutical compositions and topical use thereof” will provide commercial rights in the United States through to 2032. Corresponding patents have been granted in Australia, China, Europe and Japan and are being pursued for grant in other key territories.

Sygenus includes elements such as exosomes, cytokines and growth factors, that are secreted by mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and work in concert to reduce pain and inflammation and encourage accelerated healing and repair. Regeneus has developed technology and protocols for the production of secretions of MSCs which have the potential to be used for multiple indications and in a range of delivery methods.

Skin conditions and wound healing are one of the most promising and near-term areas for cell-based regenerative medicine products. With few treatment innovations or improvements in the treatment of acne over the last 10 years, the demand for new improved acne treatments is high. The global market for acne based prescription treatments is over $3billion per annum.

We are currently undertaking preclinical studies for topical application of Sygenus for cosmetic applications and anticipate results by the end of September 2017. We continue to explore partnering opportunities for the Sygenus technology.

Regeneus has 56 patents or patent applications across 14 patent families which provides a substantial competitive advantage for the company’s product pipeline.

Source – ABN Newswire

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