Sienna and VivaZome to Evaluate EXO-NETs for VivaZome’s Exosome-based Therapeutics

  • VivaZome is developing exosome-based therapies for debilitating and/or life-threatening diseases
  • Initial targeted therapy is for the treatment for Critical Limb Ischaemia (CLI) – 4 million patients worldwide
  • VivaZome will assess Sienna’s proprietary EXO-NET™ exosome capture technology to isolate exosomes that will be developed as a treatment for CLI

Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Ltd (“Sienna” or “the Company”), a medical technology company developing and commercialising innovative In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) tests, has entered into an agreement with Melbourne-based VivaZome Therapeutics Pty Ltd (“VivaZome”) to assist in the development of a commercial and scalable purification process for VivaZome’s exosome-based therapies.

This will be the first potential therapeutic application of Sienna’s capture technology, EXO-NET™. Sienna will provide EXO-NET beads which rapidly and specifically capture exosomes, potentially enabling the development of a commercial purification process for exosomes used in treatment therapies.

Exosomes are small particles released by cells. They are a key effector in communication between cells and have the potential to become an off-the-shelf medicine without the technical problems of cell therapies. VivaZome is developing a large-scale, advanced manufacturing process for exosome production and purification, and needs a highly efficient method for separation and concentration of exosomes in cell culture supernatant. Sienna’s EXO-NET platform has the potential to fufill this important step in the commercial development of therapeutic exosomes.

“We are excited to be playing a role in the development of this important therapeutic with VivaZome. Utilising EXO-NET in the commercial development of a therapeutic application highlights the versatility of Sienna’s Net Technology” said Sienna’s Chief Executive Officer, Carl Stubbings.

“VivaZome believes this an exciting opportunity to work with Sienna to develop an effective and scalable commercial process to bring therapeutic exosomes into routine use” said VivaZome’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr David Haylock.

Source – VivaZome Therapeutics

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