SOL Bio develops exosome diagnostic tech to detect prostate cancer

From Korea Biomedical Review

Researchers at a Korean bio venture have developed a low-cost, high-efficiency “exosome diagnostic technology,” which can diagnose stage 1 and 2 prostate cancer with very high accuracy using five drops of blood.

SOL Bio said Wednesday that the in-vitro diagnostic startup has developed the “cancer-specific exosome-separating diagnostic technology” for the first time in the world. The new technology separates exosomes secreted by cancer cells in the blood, analyzes them through biomarker, and diagnose prostate cancer with 95 percent accuracy.

If found early, prostate cancer has a five-year survival rate, but the survival rate plunges to 29 percent if found in the metastatic stage. According to the company researchers, an early examination is needed, but the disease has few early symptoms and could transfer to bones or cause complications.

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