Supportive Exosome-Based Solutions for Anticancer Drug Delivery

Creative Biolabs is proud to announce supportive solutions for research that explores exosomes as effective vehicles for delivering anticancer drugs to tumors.

Researchers from the University of Glasgow, Griffith University, and Yale University recently led a study on applying exosomes to transport small molecule drugs for cancer treatment, the result of which is published in the journal Cancer Medicine. By using exosomes produced by adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (ADSCs) to deliver an RNA-based anticancer drug to bladder cancer tumors in mice, researchers conclude that cellular exosomes could improve the delivery of small molecule drugs in vivo and promote the development of therapeutic agents for cancer. Creative Biolabs, as an exosomal industry pioneer for decades, is inspired by the promising result of this study and now announces a wide range of exosome-based services to support this endeavor, in the hope of unlocking more options for exosome applications.

  • Exosome Identification

As crucial mediators in intracellular communication, exosomes are believed to be a promising diagnostic tool to discover the disease mechanism and effective nanovectors to load and deliver drugs. But conventional detection methods have trouble detecting exosomes due to their small size. Creative Biolabs has introduced diverse practical techniques to identify exosomes by the morphology, particle size, and surface markers on the surface of exosomes.

  • Exosome Labeling

In the aforementioned study, researchers need to label purified exosomes and coculture them with 5637 and T24 cell lines before cellular uptake of in vitro ADSC-derived exosomes. Indeed, exosome labeling techniques using fluorescent molecules, biotin, etc. for exosome tracking are widely used to detect the distribution and location as well as trafficking of specific exosomes in vivo.

  • Exosome Extraction

The major drawback of using exosomes for agent delivery is centered on the inefficient extraction and isolation process, including issues of low extraction yield, low encapsulation, and loading efficiencies. Multiple isolation tools, such as exosome extraction kits, purification reagents, and isolation kits, as well as several extraction methods, have been developed to improve the result of using exosomes for delivery purposes.

About Creative Biolabs

 Creative Biolabs, Inc. is a biotech company dedicated to supporting exosome research with full-scale services and products. Creative Biolabs has successfully provided exosome isolation and purification, exosome qualification, exosome antibodies, and exosome engineering services to global researchers. It also wins a great reputation by fast delivering an inventory of exosome products, including exosome isolation tools, antibodies, media, and identification kits.

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