Symposium on Exosomes and Other Extracellular Vesicles

Oct 26-27, 2020
The Radisson Hotel
Baltimore Downtown-Inner Harbor

Exosomes and the other extracellular vesicles are known to have an important role in the facilitation of intercellular communication, including immune responses. Exosomes are also released by immune cells and may act as antigen-presenting vesicles, stimulate antitumoral immune responses or induce tolerogenic effects to suppress inflammation. Extracellular vesicles are known to have an important role in tumor progression.

Topics include:

  • Basic Immunity of exosomes (Antigen Processing and Presentation, B Cell and T Cell Development
  • Functions of B, T, DC, macrophage, leukocyte, NK, NKT and IC cells, Regulatory T Cell, B Cell, and Myeloid and other Suppressor Cell Regulation and Activation Pathways
  • Bacterial EVs called outer membrane vesicles (OMV)
  • Aspects of RNA carriage, cell targeting, and intracellular effects mediated by EVs and their RNAs
  • Exosomes and EVs in chronic diseases and their regulation
  • Phenotypic and descriptive aspects of Exosomes and EVs (proteome, RNAome, enzymes, lipids, surface constituents, etc.)
  • RNA and DNA aspects of exosomes and other EVs
  • Preparing, storing and administration of therapeutic exosomes
  • EV subpopulations (including exomeres, microvesicles, apoptotic vesicles, etc.)
  • Cellular interactions of exosomes or EVs in vitro, or in vivo
  • Role of EV in the origin, promotion, effects, diagnosis and therapy of cancers
  • Diagnostic uses of EV (liquid biopsies, etc.)
  • Role of non-vesicular extracellular RNAs
  • Role of EVs as vaccines
  • EVs and exosomes in animals, plants, various microorganisms, etc.
  • Exosomes in milk and the diet; influences in neonates and adults
  • Role of EVs in development, reproduction and possible trans generational effects
  • EV aspects of neurological and psychiatric conditions; including Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and autism
  • Survival and function of exosomes and other EVs in harsh conditions
  • Role of EVs in exercise, aquapuncture, Botox treatments, diet and other unanticipated situations
  • Preparing, storing and administration of exosomes for human use
  • Mesenchymal and other stem cell-derived exosomes

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