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Nanosized UCMSC-derived extracellular vesicles exclusively inhibit the inflammatory response of stimulated T cells

exosome rna

Undesired immune responses have drastically hampered outcomes after allogeneic organ transplantation and cell therapy, and also lead to inflammatory diseases and autoimmunity. Umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (UCMSCs) have powerful regenerative and immunomodulatory potential, and their secreted extracellular vesicles (EVs) ...

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The purity of exosomes required for diagnostic profiling of small RNA suitable for biomarker discovery


Small non-coding RNAs (ncRNA), including microRNAs (miRNA), enclosed in exosomes are being utilised for biomarker discovery in disease. Two common exosome isolation methods involve differential ultracentrifugation or differential ultracentrifugation coupled with Optiprep gradient fractionation. Generally, the incorporation of an Optiprep ...

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Size-dependent cellular uptake of exosomes

The ability of exosomes to elicit specific cellular responses suggests that they may be increasingly used as therapeutics. Their vesicular nature makes them suitable as potential nanocarriers for drugs or nucleic acids delivery. Here researchers from the University of Lincoln ...

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