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Exosomes modulate immune responses in cancer


Exosomes are promising tools for improving cancer care, but conversely may also contribute to tumor progression. Researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center highlight recently discovered roles of exosomes in modulating immune responses in cancer, with emphasis on exosomal surface proteins and on ...

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Immunotherapeutic potential of extracellular vesicles

exosome rna

Extracellular vesicle or EV is a term that encompasses all classes of secreted lipid membrane vesicles. Despite being scientific novelties, EVs are gaining importance as a mediator of important physiological and pathological intercellular activities possibly through the transfer of their ...

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Human Urinary Exosomes as Innate Immune Effectors

Exosomes are e a spectrum of exosomal functions, including RNA transfer, antigen presentation, modulation of apoptosis, and shedding of obsolete protein. Exosomes derived from all nephron segments are also present in human urine, where their function is unknown. Although one ...

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