Tavec Completes $850,000 Seed Funding – proceeds to further pre-clinical development of exosome mediated gene therapy technology platform for cancer

NEW YORK, June 15th, 2015 – Tavec Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Tavec) announced today that it has secured $850,000 in seed funding to complete key pre-clinical validation studies and further development of intellectual property.

Tavec’s exosome mediated technology enables the delivery by injection of anti-cancer molecules, including regulatory RNA, directly to cancer cells to disrupt growth and metastasis. Exosomes are small, naturally occurring vesicles which can be grown to enable highly-specific targeting of cancer cells.

Tavec completed an exclusive, worldwide license from The Johns Hopkins University on its seminal technology in June of 2015.

About Tavec Pharmaceuticals

Tavec is developing injectable therapies to treat cancers. Our proprietary technology, in-licensed from the Johns Hopkins University in 2015, harnesses the body’s own exosome delivery system for the selective delivery of anti-cancer molecules to cancer cells. Exosomes are tiny cell-like bubbles – vesicles – that are made by all cells, are abundant throughout the body, and are not rejected by the body’s immune system. Importantly, exosomes derived from certain specialized cell types are selectively absorbed by cancer cells, allowing them to be used for delivering drugs, proteins, RNAs or genes directly into cancer cells. The proprietary aspects of Tavec therapies include the unique origin of our exosomes, their selective uptake by cancer cells, and their engineered cargo of anti-cancer molecules. Tavec exosomes represent a unique form of targeted and personalized cancer treatment not previously available. Tavec intends to enter the clinic in late 2017 with lead product TCV201, an exosome-based micro-RNA (miR) therapy for the treatment of cholangiocarcinoma, a rapidly lethal cancer of the bile duct for which there is currently no cure. TCV301, an exosome-based therapy triple-negative breast cancer, is also under development, as are exosome-based therapies for other epithelial cancers.

Source – Tavec Pharmaceuticals

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