The first core facility for EV research in the world

FIMM HiPREP Extracellular Vesicles Core

FIMM HiPREP offers EV Core services together with the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences (Viikki campus) since 2016. We offer state-of-the-art and emerging EV technologies for research groups, hospitals, companies and authorities interested in EVs. In addition to our own technologies, we mediate contacts to various downstream analyses in other core facilities e.g. omics, for which we have optimized the EV sample input.

The EV Core is divided to two units, where EV Core FIMM focuses on EVs from liquid biopsy samples, including isolation and analysis of EV and EV-RNA as well as electron microscopy samples. EV Core Viikki is dedicated to the characterization of EVs using particle analysis instruments, and functional assays. Both units work together to develop SOPs for sample handling, EV isolations and downstream applications and to test new methods.

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