The proteomics of prostate cancer exosomes

Exosomes and other microvesicles are emerging as rich reservoirs of tumor-specific proteins and biomarkers for cancer detection and progression. For prostate cancer, exosomes secreted by the prostate can be isolated from prostatic secretions, seminal fluid, tissue, urine or blood for further proteomic analysis. Structurally, prostate-derived exosomes are distinct in size, membrane composition and specific prostate protein content, potentially providing a novel and easily isolatable source of biomarkers from clinical biofluids. The key to these isolation strategies will be the targeting of specific prostatic proteins expressed in these exosomes, thus requiring detailed proteomic characterizations. A summary of ongoing efforts to characterize the proteome of these unique prostate cancer-associated exosomes and their potential applications for use in biomarker assays is presented.

Drake RR, Kislinger T. (2014) The proteomics of prostate cancer exosomes. Expert Rev Proteomics [Epub ahead of print]. [abstract]

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