Top 4 Most Richly Funded Exosome Startups

In recent months, exosome start-up companies have been the recipients of approximately $386.2 million in investor funding. Clearly, investors are feeling favorable toward companies developing exosome products and there is a growing belief that the industry is poised for growth.

Most Richly Funded Exosome Startups

To date, four companies have dominated the exosome funding world. These companies are:

  1. Codiak Biosciences
  2. Exosome Diagnostics
  3. Evox Therapeutics
  4. ExCoBio Inc.

1. Codiak Biosciences – Total Funding of $168.5 Million

Codiak Biosciences was launched in 2016 when the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center joined two venture capital firms (ARCH Venture Partners and Flagship Ventures) and co-founder Eric Lander, Ph.D, to begin operations with $80+ million in Series A and B financing. Codiak has used the funds to develop exosomes for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes, with an emphasis on cancer-related applications.

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