Top Exosome RNA Posts – 2016

Title Views
Emergence of exosomal miRNAs as a diagnostic biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease 1,713 Views
Stem Cell Exosomes for Cardiac Repair 1,668 Views
Development of Exosome Surface Display Technology in Living Human Cells 1,441 Views
Physiological and pathological impact of exosomes of adipose tissue 1,388 Views
Evidence-Based Clinical Use of Nanoscale Extracellular Vesicles in Nanomedicine 1,386 Views
Extracellular Vesicles A Possible Mechanism for circRNA Clearance 1,361 Views
PhD fellowship available – Track tumor exosomes using multi-Omics and resolutive intravital imaging 1,357 Views
Biobanking of Exosomes in the Era of Precision Medicine 1,323 Views
Exosomes in Alzheimer’s disease 1,322 Views
Microfluidic Exosome Analysis – toward Liquid Biopsy for Cancer 1,315 Views
Human vascular endothelial cells transport foreign exosomes from cow’s milk and deliver the microRNA cargo to peripheral tissues 1,235 Views

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