Upcoming Conference – Extracellular Vesicles – Biomarkers, Drug Delivery and Therapeutics

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Join leading researchers from industry and academia to discuss the challenges and opportunities in Extracellular Vesicles. Discover the latest findings of leading researchers from industry and academia who are endeavouring to realize their true importance. Receive expert opinions from industry leaders on microvesicles and exosomes in biomarkers, diagnostics and precision medicine, and therapeutics and drug delivery.

Hear Presentations from 2018’s Top 3, Most Richly Funded Exosome Startups:

Codiak Biosciences – Total Funding of $168.5 Million
Raghu Kalluri, MD, PhD, Professor & Chair, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Director & Scientific Co-Founder, Codiak

Exosome Diagnostics – Total Funding of $112 Million
Johan Skog, PhD, CSO, Exosome Diagnostics

Evox Therapeutics – Total Funding of $59.5 Million
Per Lundin, PhD, MBA, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Evox Therapeutics Ltd.      

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