Upcoming Digital Conference – Applications of Exosomes


Exclusive 10% off discount: AQ23EVRNA10

Exosomes RNA are pleased to announce that we are an official media partner of Applications of Exosomes. Returning for another year on March 29-30, 2023, this hugely successful 2-day digital conference brings you a must-see line-up of industry names that you won’t want to miss.

Exosomes are crucial mediators in cell-to-cell communication, encompassing vital functions within different biological processes and have demonstrated exciting promise as an alternative new drug delivery mechanism. Applications of Exosomes brings together the main players in the exosome field, through inspiring keynote presentations and engaging panel discussions, to discuss the latest challenges and advances in exosome application as drug delivery vehicles.

You’ll become an in-house exosome expert from insights on mechanisms for clinical applications, isolation, characterisation, and detection as well as production, manufacturing, and mass scale-up.

You can expect to:

  • Unlock the therapeutic potential of exosomes as drug delivery vehicles
  • Hear the latest research into precision medicine, crossing the blood-brain barrier and the future of EV’s
  • Deep dive into cutting edge exosome isolation techniques to reduce contamination
  • Explore novel approaches to detect and characterise extracellular vesicles
  • Uncover the relationship between production vs purification – what is the answer?
  • Discussion different approaches and the advantages of exosome combination techniques

All of this plus much more, and with a Buy One Get One Free offer you’ll pay for one pass and two delegates can attend. Plus, with our exclusive 10% VIP Code:  AQ23EVRNA10 you’ll receive a further 10% off your pass price.

Contact Danielle.horney@informa.com for more information.

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