Upcoming Presentation – An Integrated Acoustofluidic-Nanophotonic Exosome Profiler for Early Diagnostics of Cancer


Xiangchao Zhu, Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering
Tuesday, March 15, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Location: UC Santa Cruz – Jack Baskin School of Engineering
Engineering 2, Room 553
Hosted By Ali Yanik


Exosomes, small membrane vesicles that are secreted by most cells, have great potential to become valuable determinants in early diagnosis and targeted treatment of diseases. Exosomes based molecular analysis is quickly becoming the new frontier in cancer research. Despite its clinical potential, isolating exosomes from human blood is a challenging task. Exosomes are much smaller than other bioparticles (such as RBC and platelets). Conventional separation techniques are not suitable for small bioparticle separation. To isolate exosomes, ultracentrifugation processes require extremely high accelerations up to few million g, larger sample volumes, and laborious work, which can lead to sample loss and potential structural damage. In this talk, I will introduce an alternative technology  to isolate an analyze exosomes on a compact lab-on-a-chip platform. Our platform based on standing surface acoustic waves (SSAW) and nanophotonic biosensors offers enrichment of exosomes from small biofluid volumes and label free analysis of cancer biomarkers in highly biocompatible, noninvasive, portable, and fully integrated manner. In this talk, I will discuss the main goals of my proposed research and details about the design and fabrication of SSAW microfluidic platform in parallel with some preliminary data for the downstream analysis.

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